Source code for certbot_dns_nsone.dns_nsone

"""DNS Authenticator for NS1 DNS."""
import logging

import zope.interface
from lexicon.providers import nsone

from certbot import errors
from certbot import interfaces
from certbot.plugins import dns_common
from certbot.plugins import dns_common_lexicon

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)


[docs]@zope.interface.implementer(interfaces.IAuthenticator) @zope.interface.provider(interfaces.IPluginFactory) class Authenticator(dns_common.DNSAuthenticator): """DNS Authenticator for NS1 This Authenticator uses the NS1 API to fulfill a dns-01 challenge. """ description = 'Obtain certificates using a DNS TXT record (if you are using NS1 for DNS).' ttl = 60 def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): super(Authenticator, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs) self.credentials = None
[docs] @classmethod def add_parser_arguments(cls, add): # pylint: disable=arguments-differ super(Authenticator, cls).add_parser_arguments(add, default_propagation_seconds=30) add('credentials', help='NS1 credentials file.')
def more_info(self): # pylint: disable=missing-docstring,no-self-use return 'This plugin configures a DNS TXT record to respond to a dns-01 challenge using ' + \ 'the NS1 API.'
[docs] def _setup_credentials(self): self.credentials = self._configure_credentials( 'credentials', 'NS1 credentials file', { 'api-key': 'API key for NS1 API, obtained from {0}'.format(ACCOUNT_URL) } )
[docs] def _perform(self, domain, validation_name, validation): self._get_nsone_client().add_txt_record(domain, validation_name, validation)
[docs] def _cleanup(self, domain, validation_name, validation): self._get_nsone_client().del_txt_record(domain, validation_name, validation)
def _get_nsone_client(self): return _NS1LexiconClient(self.credentials.conf('api-key'), self.ttl)
[docs]class _NS1LexiconClient(dns_common_lexicon.LexiconClient): """ Encapsulates all communication with the NS1 via Lexicon. """ def __init__(self, api_key, ttl): super(_NS1LexiconClient, self).__init__() config = dns_common_lexicon.build_lexicon_config('nsone', { 'ttl': ttl, }, { 'auth_token': api_key, }) self.provider = nsone.Provider(config) def _handle_http_error(self, e, domain_name): if domain_name in str(e) and (str(e).startswith('404 Client Error: Not Found for url:') or \ str(e).startswith("400 Client Error: Bad Request for url:")): return None # Expected errors when zone name guess is wrong hint = None if str(e).startswith('401 Client Error: Unauthorized for url:'): hint = 'Is your API key correct?' return errors.PluginError('Error determining zone identifier: {0}.{1}' .format(e, ' ({0})'.format(hint) if hint else ''))